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How to find my Marathon photos?

Choose your event and enter your runner's bib number.

You will have access to your personal photos gallery.

When photos are available?

Photos will be available shortly after the race. And sorted over the next few days until photo identification is completed.

When do I need to come back and check for my photos?

Once you are registered, you don't need to come back on runsider to check for new photos.

If new photos of you are available later on, we will send you an email.

I can't find my photo?

First, wait until all the photos are identified. You can find the 'identification progress' on the event page.

Also, we cannot guarantee that our photographers shoot each runners.

I am not running. Can I find my friends' photos?

Yes, you can find your friends' photos, as long as you know their runner's bib number.


I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

Go to sign-in window and request an email to reset your password.

Then check your inbox and click on the link.


Can I share my photos?

Anyone can share photos on Runsider.

What equipment do I need?

You don't necessarly need a professional DSLR camera. Point-and-shoot camera or a recent mobile-phone (such as iPhone 7) can take photos which are just as fine.

Of course, nicer photos have more chance to be chosen. But as long as a runner buy your photo, you'll receive money!

How much do I earn?

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